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Whole Pasture-Raised Heritage Chicken (Non-Certified Organic) PRE-ORDER/DEPOSITS

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Whole Pasture-Raised Heritage Chicken (Non-Certified Organic) PRE-ORDER/DEPOSITS

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Non-Certified Organic, Heritage Pasture Raised Chickens 

This year we are offering pasture-raised chicken! We grow our own chickens every year, but this is the first year we will be sharing the bounty with you all.  

These chickens, Rustic Rangers, are a heritage breed alternative growth pasture-bird that take up to 12 weeks to size-up (as opposed to the fast growing, non-pasture type meat breeds that are ready in 8 weeks). They live outside all their life, and are moved on pasture every day: this is great for the pasture as chickens have a role to play in regenerative grazing,  and perfect for the Rustic Rangers as they are excellent foragers. 

Beyond their foraging, they are fed organic, non-GMO feed from Dodds & Erwin.  When ready at 12 weeks, they will be sent to abattoir in St-André Avellin for processing. 

Pre-order now with a 20$ deposit to reserve your chickens. We will probably have a few extra for sale, but we suggest you reserve yours as soon as possible! 

Cost: A 20$ deposit guarantees you one chicken. 

The regular price per pound of our chickens is 7.50$/lb but by pre-ordering you only pay 7.25$/lb. If you order more than 5, the price drops down to 7$/lb. The 20.00$ dollar fee is a deposit that reserves your chicken. 

The remaining cost will be paid upon pickup. This will range from an additional 15-30$ depending on the size of your bird. If you would prefer a smaller sized bird (4-5 lbs) or a bigger sized bird (6-8lbs), please leave us a message upon your purchase and we will do our best to be accommodating. 

Mid-July and Early October Batches and Pick-Ups 

Farm or Town pick-ups.

There will be a pick-up option at the farm the week of processing (day to be determined) and a pick-up option in town (day to be determined) for a 5$ fee. 

We will contact you the week before your chicken is ready for pick-up to determine pick-up times, locations and options.