Soldat de la Beauce bush bean

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Soldat de la Beauce bush bean

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Phaseolus vulgaris

Bush bean. Dry bean.

Also known as Haricots Saint-Sacrement. 

This heirloom soldier bean variety is originally from Québec. It is a hardy bush bean that is very productive. The red blotch around the helium is said to resemble a soldier, thus the name..  there are many names to this seed, and the stories are quite fascinating. I will add more when I have the time! 

Days to maturity: 100 days for dry beans. 

25 seeds per pack. 

Seed starting:

For bush beans, pole beans and runner beans. 

Direct seed in your garden once all danger of frost has passed and the soil has warmed. Beans do not tolerate frost. Early June is when we plant around here. Sow seed about 1” deep. Darker coloured seeds tend to germinate better in cooler soils. 

Pole beans and runner beans need something to climb!