Sibley Winter Squash

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Sibley Winter Squash

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Cucurbita maxima 

Annual plant, open pollinated. Vining type.

Sibley squash, also known as: Pike’s peak. 

According to HH, sibley squash was grown by a lady from Van Dinam, Iowa for over 50 years, and introduced onto the market in 1887 by the Hiram Sibley * Co of Rochester, NY. 

This seed is originally sourced from the now defunct Kingston Seed Sanctuary, who grew drought-tolerant heirloom vegetable and flower varieties. It has proven to be quite drought tolerant, and even in drought produced the sweetest flavored squash that kept all winter long. Sibley is by far my favorite squash - cut into slices and roast in the oven for 20 minutes on each side. A perfect snack or side to any meal.

The fruit are reminiscent of baby seals, if baby seals were light blue and pear shaped. The fruit are very big, averaging about 8-10 pounds; they have hard rinds, and their dense flesh is golden yellow. Texture and flavor improves after a few months of storage. 

Days to maturity: 110 

25 seeds per pack.

Seed starting:

Start indoors 3 to 4 weeks before last frost. Sow 1inch deep - they like warm soil to germinate. Plant out once the soil is warmed, after all danger of frost. You can also directly seed them in your garden once the soil is warm. They will not tolerate frost. Space plants 5ft apart for vining types, and 3 ft apart for bush types.