Siberian Kale

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Siberian Kale

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Brassica napa

Biennial. Open pollinated. 

This kale variety is my favorite, although it is not botanically a 'kale'. It is the same genus as rutabaga ! The leaves are much more tender than other kale varieties, it is incredibly hardy, has a vibrant full taste and it is an abundant producer. I'd choose it over 'kale' any day.  

Days to maturity: 40-60

100 seeds per pack

Seed starting: 

You can start kale indoors 4 weeks before planting out date (which is as soon as the soil can be worked), or direct sow it outside as soon as the soil can be worked. Kale is a hardy plant that tolerates frosts and cold. Sow seed 1/8inch deep, lightly cover with soil. Plant close together for baby leaves, or thin further apart for full sized plants. 

Companion plants: dill, beets, onion, geranium.