Red Russian Kale

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Red Russian Kale

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Brassica oleracea

Biennial, open pollinated. 

As the name suggests, Red Russian kale originates from Russia, and is said to have been introduced to Canada by Russian traders around 1880. It is also known as ragged jack kale. It is softer than many other kale varieties, very versatile with a lovely purple stem. Hardy and delicious. 

Days to maturity: 40-60 

100 seeds per pack. 

Seed starting: 

You can start kale indoors 4 weeks before planting out date (which is as soon as the soil can be worked), or direct sow it outside as soon as the soil can be worked. Kale is a hardy plant that tolerates frosts and cold. Sow seed 1/8inch deep, lightly cover with soil. Plant close together for baby leaves, or thin further apart for full sized plants. 

Companion plants: dill, beets, onion, geranium.