Kaiser Alexander Cucumber

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Kaiser Alexander Cucumber

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Cucumis sativus.

Annual plant, open pollinated.

This cucumber of Russian origins was named after emperor Alexander. (1800s). Its unique characteristic is the beautiful brown and white webbing that develops on a hard skin when it reaches full maturity at around 7" in length (seed stage / past the eating stage). Although less sweet, these mature cucumbers can keep and be eaten over the winter months.  That being said, at around 4-6" inches these green cucumbers are deliciously crunchy and make a fine pickling cucumber. 

Let a few fruits grow to full maturity to see them in all their glory, and to harvest some of the seeds to replant for next year! 

Days to maturity: 70 after transplant.

20-25 seeds per pack. 

Seed starting

Start indoors 2-3 weeks before last frost, at a depth of about 1/2inch. Transplant outside once all danger of frost has passed and the soil has warmed (June).  You can also plant these directly outside in June once the soil has warmed. Cucumbers do not tolerate any frost.