Fortna white pumpkin

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Fortna white pumpkin

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Cucurbita mixta

Annual plant, open pollinated. Vining. 

This heirloom makes for a beautiful homegrown halloween decoration (ghost-white jack-o-lanterns!) and a decent pumpkin pie. This is an heirloom from the Fortna family of Pennsylvania. Very easy to grow in Lac des Loups,, but they do need a lot of space because the plants will vine!

Mid-sized pear shaped fruit with white skin. Imagine a chubby white pumpkin that slightly melted in the sun: that’s a Fortna pumpkin for you. 

25 seeds per pack.

Days to maturity: 110

Seed starting:

Start indoors 3 to 4 weeks before last frost. Sow 1inch deep - they like warm soil to germinate. Transplant out once the soil is warmed, after all danger of frost. Careful, they do not like their root system disturbed so try to handle them with care. You can also directly seed them in your garden once the soil is warm. They will not tolerate frost. Space plants 5ft apart for vining types, and 3 ft apart for bush types.