Costata Romanesco Zucchini

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Costata Romanesco Zucchini

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Cucurbita pepo

Annual plant, open pollinated

Bush type. 

When it’s zucchini season in prince edward county, you have to lock your car doors overnight lest you wake up with a car full of zucchinis. A man told me that joke once. I understand the joke, but I don’t know.. I love zucchinis, all shapes and sizes. They’re all good for different reasons, different meals. I'm always hungry for more. Costata Romanesca Zucchini is no exception - it will produce copious amounts of fruit, and it is very pretty to boot, with an incomparable flavor. The male flowers are very big and can be used for stuffing or garnishing a fancy meal. 

Plants are bushy and start fruiting early. The fruit are ribbed and striped green hues, and they can get big quickly but remain tender up to 1 foot long. Harvest around 6 inches for the typical zucchini lovers. I usually catch them when I catch them, and they’re always tasty, no matter the size. 

Days to maturity: 70 (from transplant)

25 seeds per pack.

Seed starting:

Start indoors 3 to 4 weeks before last frost. Sow 1inch deep - they like warm soil to germinate. Plant out once the soil is warmed, after all danger of frost. You can also directly seed them in your garden once the soil is warm. They will not tolerate frost. Space plants 5ft apart for vining types, and 3 ft apart for bush types.