Cimmaron Romaine Lettuce

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Cimmaron Romaine Lettuce

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lactuca sativa

Annual, Open pollinated. 

Cimmaron romaine is a very old bronze-red colored heirloom popular since the 1700s. It is a reliable lettuce that is very resistant to bolting. Delicious leaves grow tall, and can be harvested individually. 

Days to maturity: 58-68 days. 

Seeds per pack: 200

Seed starting:

Lettuce can be started indoors or directly seeded in early spring as soon as the soil can be worked. If starting indoors, sow 2-3 seeds per pot and thin to one. Transplant outdoors after 3 weeks. If direct seeding outdoors, for full sized heads plant 3 seeds per 8 inches, and thin to one seedling per group. Cover the soil every so lightly! 

Sow every three weeks for a continuous supply all summer long. 

Companion plants: carrots, radish, cucumbers, beans.