Black Spanish Round Radish

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Black Spanish Round Radish

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Raphanus sativus

Biennial in our climate. Open pollinated.

Winter radish.  

One of the oldest heirlooms, since the 1500s, grown in North America since the 1800s.  Roots are 3-4 “, black with a white interior. The flesh is spicy, but milder than summer radishes. These are storage radishes - they will keep well stored in sand (or your fridge) for the winter months. 

Great eaten raw, or cooked (like a regular radish, it will lose its spiciness when cooked). 

60-70 days to maturity. If growing for winter months, be sure to sow directly in the soil mid/end July (or 70 days before your last fall harvest).

50-75 seeds per pack. 

Seed starting:

Winter radish. Plant directly outside in the summer - if sown in the spring, these radishes will bolt. Sow 1/4inch deep, thin to about 3 inches 5 inches apart. 

photo credit: Rare Seeds