Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce

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Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce

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lactuca sativa

Black Seeded Simpson was introduced on Turtle Island in the 1850s (probably from England), and is still a favorite early loose-leaf heirloom lettuce that produces very big heads! It is loved for its quality, its crisp crumpled texture, and sweet subtle flavor. As with all lettuces, it is tolerant of light frosts, and is best grown in the Spring and Fall. In the summer heat it begins its reproductive cycle and tends to bolt faster than other varieties, thus becoming bitter. 

Matures: 21-50 days. 

200 seeds per pack

Seed starting:

Lettuce can be started indoors or directly seeded in early spring as soon as the soil can be worked. If starting indoors, sow 2-3 seeds per pot and thin to one. Transplant outdoors after 3 weeks. If direct seeding outdoors, for full sized heads plant 3 seeds per 8 inches, and thin to one seedling per group. Cover the soil every so lightly! 

Sow every three weeks for a continuous supply all summer long. 

Companion plants: carrots, radish, cucumbers, beans.